How does it work?

Contact us to let us know you want to drop off a racket and to discuss requirements (fill in one of our forms, text or call). Go to one of our drop off locations or meeting points. Fill in a form with your name, email, telephone, string and tension and attach securely to your racket.

We will then take the racket for restringing and contact you with any questions. When restrung we will send you an invoice and payment details (you can pay online). When paid, your racket will be ready for collection from the next day (next working day for Moorgate).

How long will it take to turnaround my racket?

Our turnaround times are typically 2-4 days. In many cases, if required, we can turnaround rackets in 24 hours providing you meet the cut-off time at our drop-off locations (usually 12:00pm). We charge an additional £8 per racket for next day express services. Please contact us in advance to confirm we can do this.

Can you do stringing on the spot?

We can do stringing on the spot at our Hammersmith and Richmond locations. There is an additional £10 charge for this. It typically takes between 15-30 minutes to string a racket depending on the speed of the stringer and complexity of the racket.

How do I pay?

When your racket is ready we will send you an invoice with payment details (you click on the link through the invoice to take you to a secure site for payment by card). Once paid, your racket will be ready for collection from the next day (next working day at Moorgate, Mayfair and Victoria). We also have a card reader at the Hammersmith location. Please note we do not accept cash at the Moorgate, Mayfair and Victoria drop off locations.

How do I choose a string and tension?

In theory - the higher the tension, the more control. The lower the tension, the more power. 

Synthetic gut is softer string that is softer on the arm but breaks more easily (particularly at higher standards). A polyester will be more suitable for those who break regularly who are looking for more durability. Our basic synthetic gut and polyester strings are good quality and provide value for money. We also offer most of the main brands. 

We are happy to provide advice and recommendations, but preference will vary from player to player. Please do contact us for advice.

Can you string all rackets?

Yes, but if a racket has a cracked frame or is broken we will require special permission to restring as we do not accept liability should the racket break further on stringing. We will contact you in advance of stringing if we find this to be the case.

Yes we can regrip with base and over-grips

Do you regrip?

Do you sell rackets?

Yes. We can often procure rackets at good prices and can also make recommendations. Contact us for more details.